Legal Services

Commercial Law

Our team has extensive experience in contracts in commercial law and advising upon finance and securities in commercial transactions.

We will be able to assist you with your business needs to provide advice to you to build the most advantageous business structure to carry out your new business and to give advice to you regarding the sale or purchase of business assets, purchasing commercial property and leases.

Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law

Our lawyers have worked in the film, music and theatre industry. We know your rights when it comes to copyright, trademarks, designs, inventions, appeals, enforcement, advisory, Madrid Protocol and IP Australia. 

Whether you are a filmmaker, musician or an artist of any kind working in the entertainment industry, we can assist you with the more intricate and technical legal aspects of the industry. 

Personal Injuries

Ancora Lawyers is experienced in matters involving personal injuries. Our lawyers have over 22 years of experience in dealing with all forms of personal injury matters, whether you have been injured at your workplace, in a public place, in a motor vehicle accident or have been hit by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian or cyclist, we will be able to assist you may to obtain any compensation that you deserve and for special personal injuries claims.

Ancora Lawyers is able to act for you on a “no win no fee” basis.

Commercial Litigation

We have worked with some of the best barristers in the state in extremely litigious and complicated commercial disputes.

Whether it is debt recovery or construction matters we are extremely flexible and able to work with you for the best outcomes for your matter.


Multi Lingual Services

Ancora Lawyers is a polyglot law firm. We speak four different languages and therefore we can help you whether you speak Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. 

Our lawyers have dealt with multiple international matters with members of those communities, in different areas of the law and we are very happy to assist members of those communities with their legal issues and  point them in the right direction.